“Leila Rossi is a gem of a designer and without a doubt, truly the best kept secret in Singapore. She understood to a tea what I wanted to create and whipped up her magic to make it happen (AND might I add, in record time.) What I truly enjoy about Leila is her capacity to listen and to mould the different expectations that my husband and I had, to a design that works. She has the eye of an eagle and is quick to come up with alternatives. Her style is a discernible understated chic, which is particularly difficult to achieve. It is not about opulence with Leila and she will never push you in a direction that does not match who you are. Leila actually never starts up a project without getting to know her client first. I must say that her passion for her work, her unwavering dedication toward each project that she takes up and her always gentle approach have impressed me. I could not speak more highly of her, really. She’s a treasure.”
“Leila Rossi did a superb job in designing and transforming our bedroom as well as the rest of the house. I trusted her to create a look with a “wow” factor and she gave my husband and I a pleasant surprise for his birthday, when the job was completed. We absolutely love it! Leila was very dedicated and professional in everything she did. She has an eye for details and she is very thorough. She also listened and understood my objectives of incorporating some of our existing family pieces in her design. Thank you, Leila, from the bottom of our heart.”
“Leila had the natural ability to understand what my needs were, and yet she simultaneously pushed the boundaries to make an ordinary retail space transform into a trendy, fashionable showroom. I was so impressed with the level of dedication she showed to me, and she is relentless in achieving and striving for the very best. As a client, I felt like there was nothing she couldn’t do, and that she wouldn’t stop until she was truly satisfied and the space looked perfect. Leila is really a one of a kind interior designer who will take you step by step along the process and she has the natural flair for style and all things stylish and elegant. I think she did an amazing job with our retail space, and I would highly recommend her professionalism, creativity and wonderful personality to everyone.”